"He is so gracious, so sweet and literally signs everybody's book and everybody's photograph." - Reese Witherspoon
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Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg talked to MTV about why Rob was the perfect choice for the film! Watch the video below.


While Twi-hards can’t get enough of Robert Pattinson – or his waxen face – the British star who’s played vampire Edward Cullen since 2008 is done with the look of the undead. “I’m so sick of my own pallid, gray complexion,” he’s said. “Having that makeup put on every single day, as soon as you get it taken off, it’s like, ‘Oh, you do look normal. You look healthy now.’”


Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon find forbidden love under the big top in their new period drama ‘Water for Elephants,’ and Reese says the film is “full of peril and drama and danger and love and romance.”

“It’s that kind of romance that is about second chances,” explains Reese. “Sometimes you can be in your life and sort of trapped in a circumstance that you just can’t get out of, and one day someone comes along and throws you a rope and you have an opportunity at a new life.”

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VANCOUVER, B.C. — When Stephenie Meyer walks into a room of Twilight fans, there’s no doubt she’s their undisputed vampire queen.

Ten lucky Twilight fans from around the world have come to this metropolitan Canadian city to meet the mega-selling author whose young-adult novels about an alluring vampire and his human soul mate have entranced them since 2005.

It’s hard to say who’s enjoying this total Twilight talkfest more — the attendees or the writer.

“I just love having the chance to sit down with a small group of fans,” says Meyer, who is looking a little more Hollywood these days and a bit less like a suburban mom of three. “Bigger events are just too nerve-racking.”

For this literary star, the days of chatting with a few fans at a local bookstore are over. Meyer is an international celebrity. Her books sell in dozens of countries. The film versions are hotly anticipated. Fan sites have gone viral.

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A conversation with Entertainment Weekly senior writer Sara Vilkomerson about  Twilight, Robert Pattinson, and the plight of the pigeonholed celebrity.

Josh Benson: Can you explain Robert Pattinson to me, please?

Sara Vilkomerson: Oh well gee, where to begin! I guess we should start withTwilight. Are you familiar with it?

Josh: How about let’s assume I’m not totally up to speed on it. Just for the sake of this exercise, you understand.

Sara: Mmmhmmm, sure.

In my humble opinion there is an essential part of Twilight that girls go nuts for that has got a lot to do with the whole vampire, undying-love (literally!) stuff. Which is that the main character, Bella, considers herself clumsy and awkward and not particularly beautiful, which I think speaks to at least 90 percent of how girls felt in high school. And then the coolest, hottest, most unattainable boy in school picks her out as the object of his affection. This is heady heady crack-for-girls stuff already. So then they cast Robert Pattinson in the role.

Oh look, I wrote about this in the Observer when the first one came out!

Josh: I remember that place! That piece, too.

Sara: Anyway, Robert Pattinson had the tough job of filling the shoes of a character that is described at length as being preternaturally good-looking, and he succeeded because, among other things, he happens to be preternaturally good looking. He just is.

And Twilight became a huge success. And now he can’t walk down the street without people asking him to bite them, which means he did a very, very good job. And now, three films later and with two more on the way, he has a tough road ahead getting people to forget about him as Edward Cullen but to see him as Robert Pattinson, the actor.


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In a recently released interview, from the junket for her upcoming movie ‘Ceremony’, Uma Thurman talks Rob and ‘Bel Ami’. The video is from MTV.

Actor Paul Giamatti recently talked to MTV about Cosmopolis and Rob!

“I get to stalk him,” a deadpan Giamatti said of getting to work on a set with R-Pattz. While Giamatti (who also divulged to MTV about his part in the highly anticipated “Hangover 2″) said he hasn’t yet met Pattinson he claimed (though quite possibly tracing the slightest hint of sarcasm there) to have seen the “Twilight” films.

source: MTV

MTV News interviewed Colin Farrell where he talked about needing to drop out of the project due to scheduling and timing conflicts. When asked how he felt about Rob taking his place, Colin replied, “It’s a wonderful script. I wish him all the luck in the world with it.”


Actress and Rob’s Water For Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon recently talked about Rob to E! Online at the premiere of her new movie, How Do You Know:

“He was wonderful,” said Witherspoon, who was looking quite beautiful in a Zac Posen dress. “He’s a really great actor. He just has an incredible work ethic. He works so hard and it was really fun.”

Read the whole interview at – E! Online.

Actor James Franco was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and briefly mentioned Rob! (He starts to talk about Rob around the 3:15 mark).

Watch the video below:


Actor Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series) recently mentioned and joked about Rob when he was crowned the ‘Top 10 Harry Potter Hotties’ list by MTV.

“You know why I retweeted it? That’s the only list you’ll ever see where I’m ahead of Robert Pattinson for something to do with sexiness.”

You can see the video and the article at MTV – here!

Tom also jokingly posted something this past weekend on his twitter too:

everyones discussing the no.1 Potter hottie!! Robert Pattinson has nothing on Dobby!!!

In a recent interview with The Huffington Post, Harry Potter producer David Heyman mentioned Rob:

Q: Of all the people who you’ve had, especially the young people; you’ve found new talent and you’ve launched not just the three kids’ careers but others as well. Who surprised you the most?

DH: Look at Robert Pattinson. I don’t know that there’s any one person who surprised me. It’s always great to see, for example, Gary Oldman – who had for the longest time been cast as the bad guy or done incredibly dark parts – show his really human, warm, and vulnerable side. That is such a treat. In a way Gary Oldman was being cast for his reputation or his body of work because he is one of the great actors but also against type. Actually the thing about Gary Oldman is that he has no type, he is just one of the great actors. So, that was a real treat.

You can read the full answer and the rest of the interview – here!

In a recent interview, Bel Ami actress Uma Thurman talked about Rob!

Thurman’s acting, however, has certainly gained her daughter’s curiosity, especially when she’s starring alongside some of Hollywood’s up-and-coming young heartthrobs such as Twilight enigma Robert Pattinson and Michael Angarano.

“She asked me: ‘Why are you acting in movies with these young boys’ and I replied: ‘Honey, at least I don’t do it in real life’! My daughter met Robert [Pattinson] but she was so blasé about it,” Thurman said.

You can read the whole interview at the source, here.

Source: GulfNews Via: RpattzDaily

MTV has posted the full episode of The Buried Life on their website! Rob’s only in it for about five seconds, but it’s still entertaining to watch.

You can watch the episode at MTV, here or below: