"He is so gracious, so sweet and literally signs everybody's book and everybody's photograph." - Reese Witherspoon
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The 2012 People’s Choice Awards were last night! Rob was nominated and attended the awards.
Although Rob didn’t win Choice Movie Actor, Water For Elephants won the award for Favorite Movie Drama!
Congrats to Rob and the cast of Water For Elephants!

Water For Elephants has finally released on DVD & Blu-Ray in the US!

Make sure you get your copy!

Madame Tussauds Hollywood has restyled their wax figure of Rob in celebration of Water for Elephants releasing on DVD & Blu-Ray!

A newly restyled wax figure of Robert Pattinson is now on display at Madame Tussauds Hollywood to celebrate the upcoming November 1 Blu-ray and DVD release of the 20th Century Fox major motion picture, Water For Elephants. The restyled figure, which will be dressed in authentic wardrobe from Water For Elephants, will be on display for a limited time until November 6. The figure will be available for free photos in the box office entrance of Madame Tussauds Hollywood. The first thirty fans who visited the restyled figure received a free copy of the Water For Elephants DVD.

“Water For Elephants is a superb love story featuring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon,” said Colin Thomas, General Manager of Madame Tussauds Hollywood. “We are delighted to bring the experience to life for fans through our Robert Pattinson wax figure.”

The Water For Elephants Robert Pattinson figure rejoins the ranks of such Hollywood icons as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, as well as Hollywood’s latest big stars including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston and Will Smith.

Water For Elephants will be released on DVD & Blu-Ray on November 1!

We were sent a few stills from the film to help promote the release, and you can see them by clicking below!

Here’s the press release with special features:

Take a journey back in time with the romantic tale based on Sara Gruen’s New York Times #1 Best-Seller novel of the same name, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, coming to Blu-ray and DVD on November 1st from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Starring Academy Award®-winner Reese Witherspoon (Walk The Line), Robert Pattinson (Twilight series) and Oscar®-winner Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds), the film presents an epic tale of forbidden love in a magical place filled with adventure, wonder and great danger. Showcasing the decadence of a bohemian circus and the majesty of its animals against the backdrop and beauty of a bygone era, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS makes the ideal holiday gift idea for your favorite film buff, fashionista or book-lover!

Devastated by the sudden death of his parents at the height of The Depression, a young dreamer from the wrong side of the tracks, Jacob Jankowski (Pattinson), abandons his veterinary studies at
Cornell University. With no other family, no house, and no money, Jacob stows away on a train carrying the circus performers of The Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth. Hired as a veterinarian to care for the troupe’s animals, Jacob is temporarily filled with the promise of an exciting life that comes with a traveling circus troupe. However, as he builds a rapport and falls in love with the star of the show, Marlena (Witherspoon), they become prey to the circus’s owner, Marlena’s violent and abusive husband August (Waltz). As the circus begins to crumble from within and against all odds, Jacob and Marlena come together and fall in love through their compassion for a special elephant. With their love on the line, Jacob and Marlena come to a crossroads that will forever change their destiny.

Directed by critically-acclaimed filmmaker Francis Lawrence (Constantine), WATER FOR ELEPHANTS features fantastic supporting performances from Paul Schneider (Lars and the Real Girl), Jim Norton (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets), Mark Povinelli (The Polar Express), Richard Brake (Batman Begins), and Academy Award®-nominee Hal Holbrook (Into the Wild).

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Blu-ray + Digital Copy

Special Features
Robert Pattinson Spotlight
Feature Performer Reese Witherspoon
The Traveling Show: From Page to Screen
Working Without A Net – The Visual Effects of Water for Elephants
The Star Attraction
Raising the Tent
Secrets of the Big Top
Audio Commentary with Director Francis Lawrence and Writer Richard LaGravenese
Theatrical Trailer
Live Extras
Exclusive: Stars of the Circus
Blu-ray Highlight: The Traveling Show: From Page to Screen
Theatrical Trailer
Live Lookup
Digital Copy


Special Features
Robert Pattinson Spotlight
Feature Performer Reese Witherspoon
The Traveling Show: From Page to Screen
Audio Commentary with Director Francis Lawrence and Writer Richard LaGravenese
Theatrical Trailer

Rob was recently interviewed by Los 40 Principales. The embedding on the video is disabled, so click the link below to watch it on youtube.


Rob recently talked to Metro! Read the interview below:

What do you miss about Britain now you live in LA?
I miss the light in London, which is different to anywhere, and also the smell of the city. I miss getting pints in pubs. I miss the newspapers – I still prefer English newspapers to US ones – I miss reading the sport section. I miss the football… Arsenal.

How do you deal with fame?
Actually, I was thinking the other day that no one ever rings me up. No one ever asks me to do anything, so it’s kind of easy. And I’m working all the time anyway. But when I’m not working, I’m still one of those people who calls up every name in his entire phone book to say: ‘Hey, what you doing? Are you doing anything tonight? Can I come with you?’

What was it like starring opposite Reese Witherspoon in epic love story Water For Elephants? You actually played her son in Vanity Fair a few years ago.
That was my first ever job. I was 16 and she was the same then as she is now: lovely. At that time, I didn’t know what I was doing. I got the job by accident. It was nice working with her this time. I’ve met her a couple times through the years and she’s always great. She has an aura of good energy that she puts out to everyone.

How did you land the role in Water For Elephants?
Francis Lawrence, the director, said he wanted to have a meeting and he took me out to the elephant sanctuary where Tai [who plays Rosie the elephant] lives and I saw her doing a handstand and stayed there for about four hours playing catch with her. I would literally throw a ball and she would catch it in her trunk and throw it back to me, and I was like: ‘OK, even if this movie is the worst movie ever made, I get to work with this elephant for three or four months. I’m definitely doing it.’

Have you always been an animal lover?
Yes I think I have more of an affinity with animals than I do with people. I had a dog for 18 years called Patty and she was great, and I just got another dog a couple of days ago in Louisiana, a rescue dog, from a shelter. He was going to get put down. For some reason, I was feeling in a very sensitive mood and I decided I needed a dog. He’s a kind of mix of everything. He looks like a hyena. He’s a cool little thing and really relaxing to have around.

What kind of roles are you drawn to?
I like to go between people who have absolutely no morals and those with very black and white moral stances. But then I get really attracted to the other side: people who want to burn the whole world down.

What is it like being adored by girls around the world?
I don’t really think about it. It is nice but you hope it’s something to do with you rather than people’s imaginations. The only thing you can do if someone likes your films or likes you is try to be good, which people hopefully appreciate. You hope people like you for who you are rather than what they imagine and how they perceive you to be. Before Twilight, I never got the good-looking guy parts. It’s funny when the world suddenly turns and you’re viewed in a different way.

Have you had much time off and what do you do when you’re not working?
I’ve been working seven days a week. I don’t do anything. I don’t relax. I look forward to plane journeys, that’s how bad it is, and then I can fall asleep. I play this game on the iPhone called FallDown! It’s the most ridiculous thing and it involves absolutely no effort of your brain whatsoever. You just have this little ball and roll it down, and I can literally sit there and play it for 16 hours. But then I just sit there and get more frustrated.

Rob recently talked to Glamour UK! Read the interview below:

Your character Jacob is a natural with animals but are you and did you have pets growing up?

Rob: I just had a dog growing up so I don’t know if I’m a natural with anything. I like animals a lot. I’ve never really… I’m very trusting in them. I trust them more than I trust people. I think there is some kind of connection in that.

Reese got to go to circus school. Were you jealous and what circus trick would you learn if you could?

Rob: I’d love to learn how to juggle. I’m physically incapable of juggling. It’s very annoying. Circus school is tough. I mean she had to go there every day. And they’re really hard on the performers. I mean it’s like a bootcamp. I was really glad I didn’t have to do anything. I was like, I’m not a performer. I don’t know anything about the circus. My part doesn’t involve anything so it was great. I just got to hang out with animals for my part. It was very simple.

Was it surreal seeing yourself as an old man?
Rob: Yeah definitely. I’m curious as to whether that is what I’m going to look like. I love the fact that Hal…[stomach grumbles] my stomach will not shut up…that Hal is so in demand as an actor at 84 years old. It’s insane. It’s an incredible life.

Would you still like to be doing it then?
Rob: I don’t know. I’d love to be in demand for something. I just have a feeling that I’m going to be one of those crazy old people that not even their own family want to see.

We had the Royal Wedding this weekend. Did you celebrate it at all?
Rob: I was in Paris working and I was doing these interviews and the TV was behind the interviewer so I was watching it. I was surprised how interesting I thought it was. It was nice to see everyone look so happy in England. Because everyone normally looks so miserable walking down the street and you see everyone waving their flags. It looks very sweet.

You’re coming to the end of filming Twilight. Do you think you’ll hang out with the cast afterwards?
Rob: I really hope so. It’s such a big part of our lives. I get on with everyone really well. Literally everyone in the cast I’m great friends with. So I would hope so. I can’t imagine not doing that. I mean, especially in LA. I mean most of my closest friends in America are people I worked on Twilight with.

You’ve been voted Most Stylish Man 2011 by GLAMOUR readers. Do you see yourself as a style icon?
Rob: It’s funny because I think I do. But no one who knows me notices. There are a lot of different things that I do. I swear a lot of people repeat my little gimmicks. Or maybe I’m completely insane. I used to mis… [Rob suddenly stops] do up my shirt buttons wrong and I see a lot of people doing that now.

Rob recently talked to BBC about Water For Elephants and more!

Robert Pattinson says he prefers making romantic comedies over CGI films because “they’re incredibly boring to make”.

Speaking ahead of the release of his new movie Water For Elephants, the British actor told Newsbeat that he’d much rather do romcoms.

“If you want to do big movies you have to do either big action explosion movies or you do romances because they’re the only things that get made,” he said.

“I think romances allow you to develop a character more. I hate working with computerized stuff. It’s incredibly boring.”

‘Boring to do’

Pattinson, who rose to fame after playing the role of vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, also had a dig at action films saying although he likes watching them, they’re boring to make.

He said: “If they’re just well written [I'd consider an action movie] but it’s not good writing most of the time.

“I enjoy watching them but it would be boring to do. You’ve basically got to do it if you want to be famous.”

In Water For Elephants, the 24-year-old British actor plays a vet who runs away with a circus and falls in love with one of the performers, played by Reese Witherspoon.

He admitted that he decided to do the film after meeting the elephant used in the production.

“I met the elephant before I accepted the movie and before I’d read the script,” he said “It really was [the deal breaker].

Breaking Dawn

“I remember going home in the car waiting to read the script and I was like, ‘Please, please be good.’

“I’d basically already decided to do the movie not knowing anything about it just because I got on really well with the elephant and thought it was really fun.”

The actor also revealed that filming for the final Twilight films, Breaking Dawn parts one and two, has now finished.

“I’m sure we will have to do something,” he said. “We finished a week and a half ago. All done.”

“Yeah, she (Kristen Stewart) loved that [wedding] scene. It’s a very girly scene.”

“I do quite a few scenes with a baby and that’s quite odd. It’s so different in those movies because we were doing it with a real baby. But it was fun.”


Box office totals are rolling in this weekend for Water For Elephants, which opened at #3 on Friday, making it a success!

Here’s what some sites have to say:

(from The Hollywood Reporter)

Overperforming in its opening was Fox 2000’s period circus romance Water for Elephants, which debuted to $17.5 million from 2,817 locations. Based on Sara Gruen’s bestselling book and directed by Francis Lawrence, the film stars Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz.

Water for Elephants drew an A- CinemaScore, and played heavily to adult women. Females made up 70% of the audience, while 70% were over the age of 25. The film’s successful opening is a win for Fox’s marketing team, which targeted fans of the book, as well as playing up the love story.

(from LA Times)

“Water for Elephants,” a romantic drama starring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon, got off to a better-than-expected start, grossing $17.5 million..

Water for Elephants,” based on Sara Gruen’s bestselling novel about a 1930s traveling circus, had a budget of about $40 million. Most of those who saw the film seemed to be either older women familiar with the book or fans of young “Twilight” heartthrob Pattinson, as the audience was 70% female. And those moviegoers enjoyed the picture, giving it an average grade of A-minus. That positive buzz could be especially good news for the movie because audiences don’t usually run to see adult dramas on their first weekend in theaters.

In any event, the movie is off to a far better start than Pattinson’s last nonvampire movie. In March 2010, his Sept. 11 drama “Remember Me” opened only to a modest $8.1 million. The “Water for Elephants” results could mean that he’s being taken more seriously as a dramatic actor — or perhaps just that he should star in more films alongside popular leading ladies with box office clout, like Witherspoon.

If you haven’t seen Water For Elephants yet, go support Rob and see it!

(info also thanks to RPLife)

Water For Elephants was finally released in theaters today! Our full review will be up later today, but the film was amazing! It was definitely the best Rob’s ever looked and his best performance yet!

You can check out other reviews of the film at: Rotten Tomatoes.

If you’ve seen the film, leave a comment below with your review! If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?

(please note: that the comments below will contain spoilers about the movie, so read at your own risk.)

Reelz Channel recently interviewed Rob about Water For Elephants! Watch the video below!

Water for Elephants | Robert Pattinson | Hollywood Dailies | Movie Trailer | Review

Moviefone has posted their Unscripted interview with Rob and Water For Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon!

Watch the videos below!


The US Water For Elephants Premiere is today in New York City, NY! We’ll keep updating this post with streams, photos, videos and more as they are released, so keep checking back!

Live Streams:
Color.com – here!



There are tons of fan photos!

(Image thanks to Screenslam)

(Image via PopStar)

You can check out more photos from the following sites: H2OforElephants, Popstar, ToR, j14Magazine, Seventeen

Interview with Entertainment Tonight: here!


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Calling all Water For Elephants fans from France! Thanks to Cherie FM Radio for sending over the information about a contest to attend the Water For Elephants premiere in Paris!

From 18 to 22 April on Chérie FM Radio, you can participate in a contest to come to the premiére in Paris and participate in the press conference of the movie “Water For Elephants” with Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson and Christopher Waltz.

Become a fan of Chérie FM Radio on Facebook and participate to the contest.

To participate in the contest – become a fan of their facebook page and read all the details: here!